Dueling Jukeboxes

1939 Wurlitzer Model 500
1939 Seeburg Classic

Well, we had a little fun with this!  These two jukeboxes have been modified, adding pulsating lights, and a CD player. The lights are the standard jukebox lights that would come with any restored 1939 jukebox, BUTwe tweaked it a little to dance to the music. The lights respond to the frequency of the music, low, medium, and high. Add the colors from the pastics that encase the lights and you have a unique visual effect. The CD player is a standard "off the shelf" CD player. By rewiring the jukebox, the remote control will turn on the jukebox, and the CD player.  We play our CD's through the jukebox, and if a record is selected, the audio is switched to the record until it completes the song, then back to the CD audio.


Needless to say, this has been a hit at our parties! From little kids to those of us who prefer a sentimental journey, Dueling Jukeboxes has been fun!  We hope you enjoy this video. The video runs close to 4 minutes.  The picture is a bit dark, but we wanted to emphasize the lights!