A few of the completed projects, thanks for looking.


Completion of the stage, and final completion with female singer added.

1938-39 Wurlitzer Model 61, 12 selections, 78 rpm, 115 lbs. 22” high. This was a fun project, with many challenges.

1947 Wurlitzer 1080 with 25 CD player added, playes 78 rpm records and CD's.

1938 Wurlitzer 500 with 25 CD player added, playes 78 rpm records and CD's.

1946 Rockola 1422

1946 Wurlitzer arrived in poor condition.  Was an interesting project.


1941 Wurlitzer model 780.  24 selections, 78 rpm. Known as the Wagon Wheel, featuring Early American styling.  The 780 cabinet is all wood with no lightup plastics. Production: 780: 2,800,


1952 AMI D-80  Not only does it use the original mechanism, it has a CD player installed.  The D-80 powers on with the remote control. By selecting shuffle it will play all 5 CDs in a random order.  Selecting a record anytime interrupts the playing CD, plays the record, and then returns to the CD music.


This icon of the 1950’s holds 40 45-rpm records and will play both sides. The additional CD player holds 5 CDs.  




This 1939 Seeburg called the Classic, plays your old 78 rpm records, and  has a CD player installed with a 6 CD magazine. The jukebox turns on with a remote control. You can play your favorite CD or select random play. 


A record can be selected anytime by inserting a coin, but also has “free play”. The Classic then switches to the phonograph. When the record ends, it automatically switches back to the CD player.


To set it all off, the lights will flash with the music. There are three levels of lights that keep time with the music, and add a new dimension to your listening pleasure.


1936 Wurlitzer model 412.  To make this jukebox unique and modern, without losing any of its original charm, we've added a 5 CD changer. Play your favorite CD's through this sound system. What an experience!

The CD player is remote controlled, and will power up the Wurlitzer as well. Choosing to play the phonograph records will interrupt the CD player. At completion of the record, the CD player will continue playing.


1938 Wurlitzer model 600.  This grand ol’ model plays one side of 78 rpm records. Place 24 of your favorite records in this box and make your selection. 


We’ve brought this jukebox into the this century. The lights will flash to the beat of the music, and if you get tired of you records, simply play the enclosed remote controlled 5 disc CD player.


1939 Wurlitzer model 500, 24 selections, 78 rpm.   The 500 introduced the piano keyboard & revolving color cylinders behind colored plastic. Production: 13,867

 1935 Wurlitzer model P-12, 12 selections, 78 rpm production: 12,265