About Us

Thank you for visiting my Internet site.  If you asked me 14 years ago if I knew anything about Jukeboxes, I would have laughed!  Now, I just can’t seem to get enough of them.  For the hobbyist the restoration of an old jukeboxes is rewarding and combines many different elements, woodworking, lights, the coin mechanism, extraordinary speakers, and of course the record player.  These grand old boxes seem to have it all.


I do my best to find some classic old jukeboxes at reasonable prices, restore them, and find them a good home!  When possible, I add a CD player to the jukebox so that you have the option of playing those old vinyl records or selecting the CD player.  Most of my creations will do both.  The CD operates on a remote control.  Then to add a little more pizzazz to the box, I wired the lights to pulsate with the music, creating a dazzling effect.


I have over 40 years of electronic experience, and this hobby has added a new dimension to my career.  Restoring old radios was the bait that hooked me into doing these restorations, and I am having a ball!


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